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dance Mal dance!

OM Protection Plan

Posted by sologirl101 on 2006.07.26 at 23:54
From here on out, since I will start posting the stories on here soon, entries will be friends only.

~Hannah AKA Solo Girl 101

dance Mal dance!

Welcome and Disclaimer

Posted by sologirl101 on 2006.07.26 at 19:34
Welcome my little friendlies. I recently lost my mind and decided to post The Oakland Memoirs on here... I know, how daft can I be, right? Anywho, I'll put up all of the finished stories, post mini-essays on my theories about character development and OM time (as it has come to be called), etc. Read the userinfo. because I am losing interest in repeating myself - just look to see what will be happening here. There's a good little pickle, follow what the author says.

Disclaimer: All that will be posted on here are idyllic delusions formed in my oh so "whimsical brainpan" (to paraphrase Joss Whedon's show Firefly). Any characters/events/names/obsessive tendencies paralleling reality are coincidental (well, for the most part, considering some characters are based closely on some of my friends/relations and the rest are based loosely on A's players, some of the random events have in some vague way or another have occurred in my life, and the obsessive tendencies are actually totally not a coincidence because they are in fact my own, as scary as that may sound). 

Disclaimer #2: I do not know, and most likely will not know any Major League baseball players, despite how I wish I did.

So enjoy (and I don't care if you've already read them, enjoy them again, dammit)!

~Hannah AKA Solo Girl 101 AKA Jaina (in my parallel life, as idyllic and delusional as it is)